Monthly Archives: May 2009

Crazy Cool or Maybe Just Crazy

To be honest most of the castings I do are a pain in the arse. I find all these great models and then the client goes and ignores what i have to say and picks the most boring people possible :-( well not this time. I LOVE LOVE LOVE working with Alisa Conan and this is why ??

When she was asked to shoot for crazy cool magazine Super Super we knew we wanted to do something about cool kids’ tribes. I’m not sure we did that, i think we created our own one, like a mad Hoxton carnivale. What’s it all about ? who knows ? who cares ? coz i LOVE it.

Photography- Alisa Conan, Styling- Hope Von Joel; Models- Nina and Kathryn @ Select; Ronx, Jermaine and Lucy @ The Eye; Make-Up Kenneth Soh; Hair – Tracie Cant . Casting- Moi

A Face for the Centuries

When I teamed up a model as amazing as Hannah Stafford with a photographer as talented as James Mountford and they get published in a magazine as inspiring as Stimuli there is nothing left for me to say, my job is done, perfection.

The Eye Boys Take Milan!!!

It seems The Eye are taking over the world.

Three off our boys are off to Milan for the Menswear Show………..

Fresh of an 8 page GQ shoot my faith in James S is beginning to pay off. He’s @ FUTURE.

Having just shot the new Tommy Hilfiger campaign Eddie Wrey is already in Milan working for Gucci. He’s @ FASHION.

Linus is our newest boy and just been snapped up by URBAN.

Kurtis Has Got ‘The Eye’

What would The Eye do without Kurtis?

What would Kurtis do without The Eye?

It’s a mutual appreciation society!!!

THE EYE – Model of the Month – April 2009

When someone drops by to see you at the very beginning of the month chances are that you might have forgotten them by the very end. But there is no way we were going to forget the adorable Alex S who Sarah @ Storm sent in weeks ago.

Not only did he have a fine collection of animal jumbers and great stories about his ‘8 modelling poses’ but he was the one thing that all great models should be – ABSOLUTELY FUCKING GORGEOUS!!!!!

As you may have guessed we’re a bit in love with him here. Already planning a shoot so we can use him for something cool.

Nice work Sarah!!!

Sophia’s Got ‘The Eye’

We’ve been so busy these last few weeks that I’ve forgotten to tell you all about the fabulous scouting we’ve been doing.

The gorgeous Sophia P got signed to Profile last week!!!


Lydia’s Got ‘The Eye’ – AT LAST

After many years of messing about Lydia K is at last where she belongs @ The Eye Model Placement and we couldn’t be happier :-)

We placed her at NEVS straight away so she can start earning some proper money!!!

Love ya Lyd.