Monthly Archives: September 2010

The Eye Does London Fashion Week

With us in New York, Lydia and James working and Eddie and Rahma out of the country I kinda assumed that The Eye wouldn’t have much to do with LFW this year, so we were half way through before I realised that couldn’t have been more wrong. There was……………..

Xavi and Jeremy @ Krizia Robustella

Millie opening Lako Bukia (Look at Janice looking on jealously!!!) andclosing Corrie Nielson

Willem @ Lou Dalton

Rob @ Oswald Boateng

Jessica @ Clements Ribiero, Masha Ma & Prophetik

And then Ms Mohamed arrived back in town, just in the nick of time to…………..

Open Aminaka Wilmont

Close Osman

And also walk for Ashish and Elliot J Frieze

She also did Trina Turk and Binetti in New York, all without appearing in a single show pack!!!

Nice work guys and we promise to take a lot more notice next season. In fact rumour has it that we might make a sensational casting comeback!!!


When Charlie moved agencies to head up his own mens division it was inevitable that some of the The Eye boys would follow.


Are now at Elite London!!!