Monthly Archives: June 2011

Introducing Tre…….

We sent out Saty and Pratha to do a cool BMX boys casting the other day and look what they cam back with……..

introducing… Tre from saty + pratha on Vimeo.

Shot a ad for Coke and he’s in the UK Olympic development team for BMX.


Put Yourself In Her PLACE!!!

How could I resist a Kylie pun???

Miss Jessica P is now at Place Hamburg!!!

More placements to announce very soon.

Better Late Than Never

After finishing exams and swanning off for a debauched week of celebration in Berlin, Willem couldn’t stay away from the Paris menswear shows and longer. There was only so many times his agency could call and ask when he was coming.

It’s his first time doing FW and he’s our only boy out there representing The Eye this season.
The first time I ever saw him I though ‘Paris Shows!!!’. Fingers crossed I was right.

Result !!

I new Drew and Alisha would make a good team but WOW

Good work guys :-)

Styling: Ozzy Shah
Model: Alisha White @ They Eye
Makeup and Grooming: Juhi Choudhury.
Photography Assistant: Manbir ‘Bam’ Basi.

Jessica P for 1883

Here’s the lovely Jess in her first major solo editorial in 1883 Magazine. The first of many obvs!!!

Rahma – New Hair, New Polas

Who knew she get any more beautiful???

Cover Girl

Milly Simmonds for Costume Magazine, by Michael Schwartz