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Max Hearne for Hackett

The ever dapper Mr Hearne has put down the guitar and picked up the polo stick.

Here he is in the new campaign for Hackett.



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Introducing Louis Lemaire

Go sees aren’t my favourite things, i usually forget they’re coming and I’m right in the middle of something but sometimes I’m happy to drop everything and spend AGES getting to know a model ;-). Last week some Next new faces came for a visit and one of them grabbed our attention BIG TIME, we got him to hang around for a while and Drew took some pics

Louise Lemaire

Scouted by MGM in Paris, French-born Louise Lemaire is quite literally the most beautiful boy i can remember seeing, he’s been studying and has just started modelling full-time. If there’s ever been someone born to model it’s Mr Lemaire, the lips, the eyes, the eye lashes !! he’s perfect :-)

Give Reaan @Next a call and get booking, quick before you can’t afford him !!

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24 Hour Casting People

The casting never stops here at The Eye Towers, even when we go home the work continues. We have model rooms in our flats where beautiful people come to stay when they’re in town. We get to know the girls so it’s the best go-see an agency can get. At the moment i have Profile girls, Sabibi and Alma staying with me, I LOVE them and i’ll book them on any job i can while they’re here.

Sabibi Sabibi@ Profile Models

Alma Alma @ Profile Models

Both ladies have been in the studio today doing a shoot with Mr Drew Whittam results next week

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JJ Is A 10

Look at The Eye’s new boy JJ in the latest edition of 10 Magazine.




He’s just finished his exams and ready to take the modelling world by storm. Looked after by the lovely Rebecca @ Nevs.

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Euro Woman

Milly has been all over the shop this month, she’s shot in London, Sicily, Copenhagen, Poland, she’s off to Portugal tomorrow and then to Germany, Paris or maybe Azerbaijan !!

She literally is a Euro Woman so her new editorial with Jonas Bie is rather appropriate





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Mr Knighton

Mr Rob Knighton is a real renaissance man.
089 crop

Not satisfied with being an international model and featuring in the new edition of Jocks and Nerds he’s off in Texas at the SXSW festival, premiering his new feature film Everyone is Going to Die !!

We didn’t scout Mr Knighton until he was 50 and now he’s a movie star

That’s the way we roll at The Eye :-)


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