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Casting Edge Bootcamp


When my good friend Kaye asked me if I had any models he could whip into tip-top shape I said, ‘Hell yeah!’.

He put the gorgeous Jess and George through their paces for 3 months and you can see the results below…



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Jessica P – What Took You So Long???

She’s finally been and gone and done it!!!

Jess cut all her hair off and it look AMAZING!!!!


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The Eye Owns Samsung!!!

I can’t believe I’ve only just seen this.

Here’s The Eye OWNING the new Samsung Ad. In fact the casting directors sent me a bottle of champagne to say thanks for having such amazing people :-)

Look out for Sheyi, Aston, Laura M, Shamoni, Emma W, Anastasia, Olmo, Herbie, Aaron, Peter A and Sharifa making me proud……..