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Throwback Thursday – Globetrotting with Napapijri!

The Eye cast this wonderfully original campaign to send a real life couple around the world wearing Napapijri’s versatile outdoor clothing and blogging about their experiences as they went.

These are the most fun and challenging interactive campaigns to cast, which is why they came to The Eye to find the right people.

Here are Jude & Rob, before they set off on their global adventure.

Napapijri-Ads_12-5_EN Napapijri-Ads_12-7_EN Napapijri-Ads_12-15_EN Napapijri-Ads_12-17_EN

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The Eye Models for Puma Collection

Here are some great images from Professor Green’s Puma clothing range, modelled by Chantelle, Ben, SharifaPeter and Jonny at The Eye Casting Agency.

Photography by Kate Abbey.


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Throwback Thursday – The Eye Casts Festival Favourite, Hunter!

Music tastes differ but a staple part of any discerning festival goers outfit is the good old wellington boot!

The Eye teamed up with iconic British brand, Hunter to cast their classic 2012 Together Through Any Weather’ campaign, maintaining Hunter’s position as top dog when it comes to outdoor footwear.

Saturday_Hunter_AW12_3 Saturday_Hunter_AW12_7 Saturday_Hunter_AW12_11 Saturday_Hunter_AW12_15 Saturday_Hunter_AW12_17


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New @ The Eye!

This month’s New @ The Eye are a stellar group of talented young models with the world at their feet. Check them out here first!

Photographs by Fran Petersson.


Sydonnie at The Eye.

Sydonnie at The Eye.


Stefanie at The Eye.

Stefanie at The Eye.



Tre at The Eye


Zara at The Eye.

Zara at The Eye.


Miles at The Eye.

Miles at The Eye.

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You’ll Never Forget George B!

George has joined forces (get it?) with Charl Marais and Jacobus Snyman for this Client Magazine fashion story and film titled, Never Forget. Check it out here.

Styling by David Hawkins, Hair & Grooming by Cassie Steward.

CLIENT12_71-1024x724 CLIENT12_144-723x1024 CLIENT12_145-723x1024 CLIENT12_152-723x1024





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Adrien Is A Printed Masterpiece!

Here’s Adrien styled by Omar Pharrell and photographed by Drew Whittam at the Eye Studio’s new fab facility.

For all studio bookings and enquiries contact:

adrian_shoot_2_1 adrian_shoot_2_2 adrian_shoot_2_3 adrian_shoot_2_4 adrian_shoot_2_5

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Cheyenne Carty Storms Vogue Italia!

Modern beauty Cheyenne Carty jetted off to Miami with her US agency, New York Models, to shoot an incredible fashion story for Vogue Italia alongside Riley Montana and Leila Nda, photographed by Francesco Carrozzini.

Fashion styling by Enrica Ponzellini and hair styling by Brent Lawler @ Streeters.

The results are spellbinding and we can’t wait to see more Vogue’s under our girl’s belt in the near future 😉

01 02 03


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Rob Knighton for H&M Modern Essentials 2015 with David Beckham

It’s here and ready for your viewing pleasure!

Rob Knighton enters a dusty London warehouse amidst a crowd of spectators to play a game of pool with David Beckham under the masterful direction of Marc Forster for H&M’s Modern Essentials collection.

In the background you might just spot another great Eye face, Mr Jon Campling, too.

Check out the film here:

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Throwback Thursday – Coca Cola Future Flame

The London 2012 Olympics featured plenty of The Eye’s models and here’s a throwback to Ben B and Tre banging out some tunes for Coca Cola’s Future Flame campaign during the event.


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