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The Eye Casts Flying Fish Beer!

The Eye has a great reputation for mixing agency casting with street casting to create a special blend of advertising perfection, and we did exactly that for South African Breweries this year.

‘Why Is It Called Flying Fish Beer?’ was cast by The Eye to launch SAB’s new range of flavoured beer.

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Jake Raises Heart Rates For Spike TV

Watch Jake leap into action for Spike TV’s 2015 ident and watch your heart rate spike just a little bit too!

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New @ The Eye!

This summer has seen an incredible array of exciting new models coming through our doors and we’ve selected some of those new faces to join The Eye’s permanent roster. We’ve added some of them below for you to get acquainted with. Watch out billboards, they’re coming to get you…

Please welcome Atlanta, Pippa, Daniel A, Eva-Marie, Carlo and Tajha!

Atlanta (25) Pippa (7) Daniel Annoh (5) Eva (25)_1 Carlo (7)_1 Tajha (24)

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Adrien in Idol Magazine!

Here’s Adrien in New Kids On The Block for Idol online, photographed by Jakub Koziel.

Check out the full shoot here.

Idol_188 Idol_447 Idol_326-683x1024 Idol_243-683x1024

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Bertie’s First Advert Premieres!

One of our newest and youngest models, Bertie, has just seen the release of his first TV commercial – for Samsung no less!

Check him out here and expect to see more big things in the near future!

Bertie Samsung

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Throwback Thursday – Nice Try Kids!

Here’s a fun campaign The Eye cast in 2007 featuring a group of innocent wee teens trying to buy fags from the corner shop. Their disguises, while ingenious, are unfortunately not successful ruses for the general public who were being informed by way of these adverts, that the minimum age to buy cigarettes had gone up from 16 to 18.

P000DH_Smokefree A3_Casper copy P000DH_Smokefree A3_Chica copy P000DH_Smokefree A3_Nick copy


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