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Sharifa Dances For Huawei!

In Huawei’s latest ad campaign, Change The Way You See The World #00, Sharifa’s awesome dance skills are on display amongst some seriously sharp lighting and editing.

Check out the beautiful results!

Screen shot 2016-08-17 at 14.43.49 Screen shot 2016-08-17 at 14.45.20



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The Eye Models in Dua Lipa’s Latest Music Video!

Check out Dua Lipa’s amazing new music video, Hotter Than Hell!

It features our gorgeous Eye models, Georgia, Montana and Sharifa looking scintillating. What a great start to the week!

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Lay It All On Me

Rudimental selected Amar and Sharifa to feature in the music video for Lay It All On Me featuring Ed Sheeran. See if you can spot our models busting their signature dance moves throughout the monochrome film.

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The Eye Models Say #heyyou!

You can currently spot 5 Eye models in the new giffgaff TV commercial, titled #heyyou!

Can you spot them all?

Here’s a rundown to help you out. You’re looking for Andres, Paris, Louella, Sharifa and Alina… in that order!


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Aisha and Sharifa ‘Arrive Awesome’ For Virgin Trains!

The Eye’s beautiful ladies, Aisha and Sharifa can be seen in Virgin Trains, ‘Arrive Awesome’ TV campaign, that’s been so popular it’s been re-released. Catch it while you can!


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The Eye Teams Up With Clarks!

Check out our beautiful models, Anastasia, Emily, Rose, Rui and Sharifa featuring in the Clarks Autumn 2014 campaign on billboards and buses everywhere right now!

Clarks4 Clarks7 Clarks11 Clarks12 Clarks23

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Throwback Thursday – Sharifa in ‘Big When I Was Little’ for Eliza Doolittle

Sharifa is an incredibly talented model and dancer at The Eye and put her unique street dancing skills to good use for Eliza Doolittle when she was cast in her ‘Big When I was Little’ video last year.

You can check out Sharifa’s moves here:


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