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Nadine’s Smile Is A Superstar!

Nadine has one of the most incredible smiles in the business and she recently caught the eye of Zendium who asked her to open their newest commercial with her perfect pearly whites.

Check it out here!

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The Eye Casts Real Contact Lens Wearers For Acuvue!

The Eye had lots of fun casting real Acuvue contact lens wearers for the brand’s latest campaign.

It launched last week and this film shows how the lenses changed one footballer’s life. Check it out!

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All Tied Up With Zaf!

Zaf always looks impeccable in a suit and Lynx obviously agree as they brought him on board to teach the world how to tie a proper tie!

The brand’s Instagroom campaign just launched along with their Oud fragrance and you can catch all the latest grooming tips over on their youtube channel.

Check out┬áZaf’s top-notch tutorial below!

Screen shot 2016-03-07 at 11.37.27

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