The Team

Here is some information about the guys and girls that are part of The Eye team.
When Jody's hasn't got 2 phones and 100 email on the go he's a prominant member of his local mariachi band
Can often be found booking supermodels, organising photoshoots or escorting his pet lion, Li Li out on the town.
When not banged up abroad or tending to her poorly cat Paisley, Deanne is our right hand woman and The First Lady of The Eye!!!
Not only does Fran make gorgeous images and films for us and many other lucky clients but by knowing how to turn a computer on, she's our default tech department as well :)
Saty and Pratha
Hot young photographer Drew Whittam is our go to guy for beautiful tests
Drew Whittam Photography
One of London’s top stylists, Ms Amartey is happy to lend us a hand and an eye when our shoots need a fashion fix
We’re very lucky that if they’re not shooting for fashion mags like ID or 1883, this dynamic duo are scouting, casting and generally being indispensable to The Eye
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